“GoBe has been an incredible partner in support of PATH’s mission to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities.  GoBe’s work to help us with large-scale move-ins has enabled us not only to move hundreds of people off the street and into a permanent home, but to do so with dignity, respect, and care for the people we serve.   The new tenants that have received Welcome Home Kits from GoBe upon move-in have been so grateful to receive the essential items they need to get back on their feet and settle into their new home.  The team at GoBe truly cares about making an impact in the community, and takes every step necessary to ensure that the entire move-in process is timely, organized, and above all considerate of the individual needs of the newly housed tenants.”

 - Waverly Paradox, Volunteer Manager at





The GoBe boxes have really been a great help to those that are newly housed and often starting with nothing. In addition to having very little in the way of property or household items many are also on an extremely tight budget. Not only do the boxes help with the cost savings of purchasing the items but it seems like the items give them their first sense of home.   


Detroit said it best back near the beginning of this effort for us when she stated:

They  all deserve a Hero Award for not only bringing me boxes of love,care and concern,but for saving my life,I just need that extra day yesterday to hold on,and life came through for me...THANK YOU FOREVER,THANK YOU.....LORD KNOWS THE LAPD, OUR MAYOR AND ALL HIS EMPLOYEES, AND  THE CITY OF  LOS ANGELES  DOES CARE!! For Every Person out there living, suffering and Surviving in "HOMELESSNESS",Never ever Give up, holding on to anything,will make a huge difference the following day, I'm grateful!!"these boxes have more than items inside,they brought me "LIFE". 

Sergeant Mike Padilla



L.A. Family Housing 


LA Family Housing is a leading homeless service provider that moves hundreds of people out of homelessness and into permanent housing each month. The partnership with GoBe is invaluable as the Welcome Home Kits provide the basic necessities to be successful in a new home. Items that we may take for granted go beyond general use and show our participants that they are cared for and encouraged by their community.