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We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to fill Welcome Home Kits and we would love to have you partner with us in this!


 Whether you are an individual or an overseer of a large community, we are anxious to serve our community with you! 

Filling Welcome Home Kits is easy, and by partnering with us, you ensure your efforts go directly into the hands of someone who will truly experience life change. 






Filling a Welcome Home Kit is as easy as 1-2-3! 

1. We provide you with FREE welcome home boxes.

2. You enlist your community to fill those boxes with the items listed on this page.

3. We arrange for your boxes to go directly to a person or family in need! 



If you or your community would like to get involved, email Lindsey at to request your FREE GoBe boxes to fill! 

Welcome Home Kit Items:

Wondering what goes into a Welcome Home Kit? See the list below or click here to download straight to your computer for easy sharing access with your community!

The cost of each kit is approximately $200. We ask that all items be purchased new so we can not only give someone the items they need, but also a sense of dignity and ownership in their new home. 

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