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Two Ways to GivE:


Donating to GoBe is to give directly to a boots on the ground non-profit in Los Angeles. Each year we provide hundreds of people who have been previously experiencing homeless with the necessities they need to get started in their new homes. We have also been providing over the past year, thousands of dollars worth of food to fill the pantries and fridges of these homes!


We truly appreciate every dollar that comes in and we work hard to make sure it goes to real and sustainable change in people's lives. When you partner with us, you don't just help the cause of homeless, you end homeless for someone!  To donate, click the DONATE button below. Thank you for seeing our neighbors and being part of the solution! 


We realize that many of you would like to donate a Welcome Home Kit for someone previously experiencing homelessness, but do not live in the Los Angeles area. Because of that, we have made it simple to do so online! Simply choose how many Kits you would like to add to your cart, and we will do the shopping, assembling, and delivering for you! 

To buy a kit online, click the "Donate a Box" button below! 

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