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Our Story

GoBe is made up of a small team of passionate individuals that work together to activate thousands of volunteers to come together and take tangible steps to ending homelessness. 

Our founder, Jesse Ross, founded GoBe when he discovered that the funding used to help someone get off the street and into permanent housing did not include anything to furnish that home...often leading to these people returning back to the streets only days after being welcomed home.  Without the basic necessities to make a house a home, simply surviving in these new places was a challenge. 

He enlisted Lindsey to come alongside him and together they began a journey of dreaming wide for the city of LA. What would it look like to help these people stay in their new homes? What did they need? It turned out, they just needed these homes to be sustainable! 

Jesse and Lindsey knew that communities of faith in LA had the hearts to help, but didn't always know an easy and accessible way to get involved in ending homelessness. This is where the genius of GoBe lies. 


They put their heads together and developed a simple 3 step plan that anyone could follow and immediately get their communities involved with little to no pre-planning, or expert knowledge of the inward network of systems and service providers. 

GoBe was founded in 2014 and has since helped over a thousand people stay in their homes and start their lives over with dignity and ownership. They do this by partnering with city organizations and non-profits that are already doing the hard work of securing housing, and with churches and individuals that want to help fill the gap with much needed resources.


With the crisis of Covid-19, the number of homelessness in Los Angeles is expected to more than double. That said, we need your help! Click over to our Get Involved page to see how you can be a part of making the difference!

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